We Are All Stylist Nation!

Let's all stand up together, as an ESSENTIAL INDUSTRY- Come together and Raise The Bar!

Stylist Nation is a Movement…

as well as a growing community of KICK ASS stylists/makeup artists/last techs/nail techs/salon owners/beauty pros who have banded together to help each other grow in an industry where fierce competition and old attitudes are either allowing you to kill it in your chair, or they’re leaving you in the dust.

Our mission is to help you build a Rock Solid brand around your business (even if you’re a stylist, you still need to grow your brand) so that you can attract more clients, collect bigger paycheques and be the Rock Start Beauty Pro that dominates her local market.

Our leaders in this Mission are Chandelle Hay, and Jason Orban. They’re a marketing and branding power duo with over 19 years in the salon industry. 


Chandelle Hay is an Award Winning Stylist, and Platform Artist as well as an Accomplished Marketing & Salon Conultant. In addition to presenting and training around the world, she has spent the last 8 years helping both stylists and salon owners build unstoppable brands online.

Since the birth of their children Amellia and Hendrix, Chandelle has stepped out from behind the chair and is now the full time marketing Coordinator for Think Big Studios… their Marketing Agency.

“Building a brand as a Rock Star Stylist means that you’ll have Raving Fans who absolutely love eveything you do for them… Even if you want to take a 3 month trip to Europe, you’ll be able to come back to a full schedule of clients begging to get in.” 

Chandelle Hay

Chandelle Hay - Creator of Stylist Nation


Jason Orban, is the founder of Think Big Studios and has been helping business owners kill it online since 2008. More of a behind the scenes guy, he helps business and salon owners, come up with killer marketing strategies so they can attract more of the right type of customers they’re looking for online.

“There are 4 keys to building a Six Figure Brand online… You need to find your customers online, you need to connect with your customers online, and you need to show them that you’re THE ONLY CHOICE, when it comes to being there for their needs…. Lastly you need to make sure they’re coming back, again and again.” 

Jason Orban

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