Can Robots Take Over Your Career?

by Mar 25, 20190 comments

Well, this is an interesting topic.

I remember when I made the decision to go to beauty school, a big part of that decision was that no matter where I ended up- I basically KNEW that people would always need a haircut and that there would always be room for me as a stylist.

Did you know that in 2011- the first robot that can cut hair was created?

I mean, really….

If a robot can perform heart surgery than a robot can cut hair.

And, actually- I am sure that eventually especially when it comes to more technical, precision haircuts- they really could become a threat.

(I can’t believe that I am writing this!!!- crazy.)

Here is an even more important Q that we need to ask ourselves.

Can a robot be creative?

Well, I did some research on Artificial Intelligence and artwork….

Guess what?

Last year a piece of artwork created by a machine was sold for $432,500 in NYC.

AI is being taught how to write poetry, drive cars, become nurses and many other things that I think we all really thought that only humans could do…..

BUT- can robots actually care?

I searched this topic as well, and the answer is not 100% clear to me- but it seems as though many think that they can be built to have motion and to sense others emotions as well.

So what does this mean for us?

This means that now- more than ever we NEED to pay attention to personal touch points.

We need to really provide a ton of value, and connect with our guests at a deeper level.

We need to make sure that we are staying educated and sharp on our cutting skills- and remember that a classic bob is a VERY important technical skill that you should work to master.

It is ULTRA important to take our time with our guests, be their go-to for beauty advice, be their sounding board and confidant, thank them for supporting us, follow up and PAY ATTENTION.

I really actually do believe that this will eventually affect the industry, it may be longer down the road- but right now we can raise the bar and reallllllllly show that we should not be replaced by a machine.

It is time to level up, and to stop doing things that don’t really matter to our guests.

Send them a card in the mail on their birthday- or pick up the phone and say Happy Birthday.

Reward them for coming to see you with the BEST experience ever- because in the end- we do way more than “just” cut hair, or do lashes, or do make-up, or give pedicures.

We provide a feeling.



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