Facebook Is Changing To Attract Younger Generations

by Mar 15, 20190 comments


I’m sure that you aren’t the only one who has thought that Facebook is for an “older” crowd. And that the platform is not really great for you to use to promote your business anymore…

Well, this is simply not true– as the majority of people on the Platform are right in your perfect target market (Women Between the ages 26-50).

 While the younger crowds are hanging out on Snap Chat and Instagram.

Well, a few days ago- Facebook released an update that they will be making moves to become a more “private” platform.

Mark himself spoke about making the platform a bit more like how Snap Chat is set up, including content that disappears after a certain amount of time.

 So, with this news- what will Facebook become and how does this affect us when it comes to using the platform as a marketing tool?

Thumbs up sign in coffee

The younger generations are turning towards more private forms of communication……

My guess is that they are bored, and tired of having their Great Aunt Betty, “Liking” their posts:)

 But really, we have all taken to more private features that Facebook has to offer these days.

 Most likely you are even more engaged in things like private groups, and messenger than you are inside of the actual news feed.

There are certain age groups that have more expendable income.

They don’t have mortgages, kids, or anything really expensive in their lives yet.

And Gen Z is moving up into these prime spending years.

And so, with this shift (and as we stop focusing on millennials so closely) Facebook is preparing in order to guarantee long term sustainability.

This means that we will need to learn this new way of communication as well. Especially if we want to stay relevant when it comes to these new generations, and the changes in online marketing for the beauty industry.

One thing that I know for sure, is that if you are running ads to promote your business- you will want to shift and learn new strategies for landing the right messages inside of Whats app and messenger, as well as inside of private FB groups- coming soon.

Basically, in a nutshell- all of this is just more proof that Mark is being super pro-active in growing and changing in order to keep Facebook as the #1 tool that we use to grow our business, communicate with our friends and family and connect on a deeper level than we have ever been able!

It is also a reminder, that things can change quickly when it comes to anything digital and that it is important to stay on top of all new updates, features, rules and strategies.

Stay tuned for more updates on changes inside of the platform as I see them!

What are your thoughts?

Read his post here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/mark-zuckerberg/a-privacy-focused-vision-for-social-networking/10156700570096634/

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