Hard Work = More $$$

by Apr 29, 20190 comments


And all of these quotes we see and hear allll day everrrryday?

Not true. AT ALL!!!! 😲
What in the actual eff do I mean by that???

Being Busy Is A Bad Habit….. ‼‼

It is a FAKE Badge of Honour.

We all have the exact same amount of time in the day.
Here’s the deal- the majority of us were brought up and most likely taught things that may not actually be true.
That it takes “hard work” to make money.
That “Hustle”= $$$$$$
“Nothing Worth having Comes Easy”????????????
“Hard Work BEATS Talent, When Talent Doesn’t WORK HARD”????????????
“A Dream Doesn’t Become Reality Through magic. It Takes Sweat, Determination and HARD WORK…..”

I call actual BullSH*T.

Anyone can work HARD. 🤔🤔
That is the easiest, and in my opinion LAZIEST form of work.
We can ALLLLLL do busy work all day long.
**trust me, I used to slave away behind my chair 12-14 hrs a day just to make rent and payroll some months.**
Where did that get me?
🙋‍♀Burnt Out.
🙋‍♀Less creative.
🙋‍♀Less caring.
🙋‍♀Less of a leader.
Um, Crazy TIRED.
Think about it.
How many people do you know who work long hours and just hustle alll day everyday- and really aren’t getting anywhere?
Here is the deal.
Your MINDSET SHIFT for the day. 🍾
It takes REAL courage to take some time and work ON your goals.
It takes even more courage to create a plan that will lead you to that success that you desire.
It takes FOCUS. To stay on track.
Getting what you want- WITHOUT having to sacrifice your health, your family, your relationships, and your FREEDOM.
Understanding that it just takes owning what your vision is for your career- and your life…
Creating a plan.
And seeing it through.
Understanding what your WHY is.
So that no matter what you don’t give up.
Putting systems in place that will work for you, even when you don’t feel like “working”.
And finally.
Understanding that MONEY is a necessity in this world.
Just like air and water. ☀🌸🌷
There is an abundant amount of $ here.
And you deserve to have as much as you want- without BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS.
Without putting years in.
Do you agree with me on this?
xx Chandelle

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